by - March 05, 2017

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Hi Everyone, this is Brittany and Aileen speaking
Both of us are so excited to finally start writing our very own blog after setting it up for some times. This blog will be the platform where we share our experiences, thoughts, tips and (of course!) photos. We'll write about almost everything from where to eat, what to wear, what's currently hits in Bali, even some beauty tips. One thing in common though, everything will be very useful for you ;)

Getting to know us a little bit better.

Aileen and Brittany - Autumn at Haneul Park, Seoul

Both of us are Bali based and we've been best friends since high school. We like to spend weekends by going out trying new restaurants and taking good photos. Having similar tastes over many things surely brought us closer from time to time. Oh! and one more thing, we have the same love for traveling. So excited to see more of incredible sight that this world has to offer. Writing a blog together, Aileen has a great passion in Food and Beauty while Brittany is more about Fashion, hanging out and writing her thoughts of things around her. We can't wait to share what we have for you!

Why KnottyLaces?
The word "knotty" represents us perfectly. Two girls with a complex way of thinking that actually knotted to each other. One of our habit is to complicate the simple. We choose lace because at the same time, we still have that part of us. A part where we love beautiful things and sometimes just want to be part of it. Knotty Laces are twisted, but they're looking fine.

We hope you'll love this blog and find it useful. We'll write our heart out 💛


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  1. Awesome intro! Good luck both of you..